Napoli: good things don’t come into big packages

An update about our latest trip to Napoli because finding new designs and antipasti perfectly go together.

Lived in Milan for quite some time, Napoli is not the first province you think of when visiting a place to find new designs. During our trip along the Amalfi coast and visiting a beautiful seaside spot called Positano, it was the city of Napels itself were we found cute boutiques that oh oh surprised us! Brands like Roberto Cavalli where within reach and the fabrics were absolutely beautiful! Also dresses of the brand Scee, a sister of Twinset were watching us. Where to start..
Our trip was great again and we found new pieces, unique pieces to add to our collection that not come in by a dozen or a total pack. We only took the best pieces out. So some dresses are not in alle sizes available. But that makes it unique and you are absolutely sure that you are wearing a one of a kind piece of your own. Own it baby. Ciao ciao!

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