Founded in Milan, the brand System of Poetry established her fashion roots.

S.o.P Amsterdam loves to escape and to discover.
Discovering new places we have never been before.

Started by a road trip and traveling around the globe, we started collecting. Collecting stories and garments from countries we are inspired by and we want to share our journey with you.

 By collecting items, S.o.P brings a diverse collection with a classic, yet edgy touch.
With pop-up boutiques on several locations and an online store, S.o.P. is always on the road, collecting. And behind every gathered garment, there’s a new adventure.

Besides the pop-up boutiques and an online shop, S.o.P. Amsterdam is always open for styling collaborations. Previously worked for Linda Magazine, Grazia and London Fashion Week.

System of Poetry – a boutique label with a collection of stories gathered for you